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Mike (Mikey) McNeill teaches English for business or the hospital environment, as well as, English as a creative and expressive art with the aim of reducing stress. As a qualified nurse, Mike pays particular attention to the incredibly renewing powers of creative thinking and writing. With that in mind, Mike(y) created the fantastical adjoining enterprise of poetic writing and storytelling within a 3D adventure game called ~ Ways Of Word ~ available for over 13s (see above).

'Mikey', due to his direct experience in working in Viennese kindergartens for several years, is also highly equipped to teach pre-schoolers in a most colourful, original and dynamically tuneful way. Learning English though dance gives it a chance!



Primary aim - to equip English as a second language (ESL / EFL) students with the ability of actually remembering essential English and English grammar, aided by an English schematics and 'keywording' concept developed over 15 years of teaching to lions of business in downtown Vienna. Specific coaching methods assist clients in their goal of recalling how to use correct English structures within their professional lives.

Clients may book targeted coaching time towards promoting appropriate English sentence structure and the correct use of the English tenses within the framework of specialist vocabulary requirements, be those legal, business, banking, sales, human resources or medical / clinical English areas. A strong additional focus is placed upon professional meetings and presentation phrases and skills and getting your point over to your business partners without harming your brand name or personal reputation.


Mike McNeill in Vienna | Wien.

The online content found here is, quite simply, lifted right off the whiteboard and purely a basis to work from when your English is rusty and you have not attended a live English training session, of late. However, if you need to move forward into actual coaching services - get in contact.
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In addition to a focus upon tutoring professional English skills via McNeillServices, a creative writing forum has been developed. This is a free-will poetry, prose and storytelling environment available as a free downloadable blocky game called, "Ways Of Word". It is a single-player 3D adventure game, where gamers are invited to think and write creatively within a fantasy realm. Just follow the link above to ~ Ways Of Word ~



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Mike McNeill says, “These tips & tricks will equip you with the skill of quickly learning and then recalling English material which will get you through your most difficult professional English challenges.”
About the author.

Mike McNeill - RGN. (Nursing), Counselling Cert (Ed)., BA (Hons)., MA.

[Registered General Nurse. Certificate in counselling and relationship support in education. Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Peace & Conflict Studies - mediation, politics and history, ethics and cultural studies].